Atkins 20® Plan

A 4-phase low-carb ketogenic journey

With the Atkins 20® Plan, patients can begin their low-carb ketogenic diet journey by following four defined phases, typically beginning with 20 grams of net carbs per day (net carbs = total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols and allulose [where applicable]). However, healthcare professionals can work together with each patient to determine the right starting point and the right progression based on each individual’s unique health goals, lifestyle, needs and preferences.

Your patients can expect to experience the following:

A guided, stepwise approach: Atkins 20® is divided into four clearly defined phases to help gradually adjust carbohydrate intake and meet individual needs.
Increasing variety and flexibility: As one progresses through the phases, they slowly add a greater variety of low-glycemic fruits, veggies, whole-grains and more.
Support from the carb ladder: Using the carb ladder, patients benefit from clear guidance around when and how to methodically reintroduce carbs back into the diet, starting with the lowest-carb vegetables like leafy greens and progressively reintroducing other carb sources, from dairy foods to whole grains.

The Four Phases of Atkins 20®

Phase 1: Induction

Purpose: Jumpstart weight loss and to change the way the body utilizes nutrients.
Net Carbs: 20-25 grams/day until within 15 pounds of goal weight

Phase 2: Balancing the Diet

Purpose: Liberalize carb intake and methodically expand dietary variety while maintaining weight loss momentum.
Net Carbs: 25 grams/day, increasing in 5-gram increments until within 10 pounds of goal weight

Phase 3: Individualizing & Optimizing the Diet

Purpose: Continue to gradually reintroduce additional carb sources into the diet to taper off weight loss and find the just-right carb balance that allows the individual to maintain a weight that’s healthy for them.
Net Carbs: ~80-100 grams/day – this varies for each individual; increase daily intake in 5–10 gram increments until achieving healthy weight maintenance.

Phase 4: Lifetime Maintenance

Purpose: Transition to a permanent way of eating that promotes a lifetime of good health, balanced nutrition, and joyful eating.
Net Carbs: Individualized and evolving – patients may do best maintaining their Phase 3 lifestyle, or carb intake may flex up or down as one’s needs, lifestyle, or metabolism changes.

Download the Atkins Eating Personality Guide to determine which Atkins plan is right for your patient.