Published: 09/16/2015

Comparison of Seizure Reduction and Serum Fatty Acid Levels After Receiving the Ketogenic and Modified Atkins Diet

Authors compared retrospectively the KD and modified Atkins diet in 27 children and also assessed serum long chain fatty acid profiles. We observed a preventive effect of both diets on the occurrence of status epilepticus. After 1 and 3 months of either diet, responders experienced a significant decrease in serum arachidonic acid concentration compared to non-responders. The KD and modified Atkins diet led to seizure reduction in this small pilot series, with slightly better results after 3 months with the KD, but not after 6 months.


Phinney (1983). "The Human Metabolic Response to Chronic Ketosis Without Caloric Restriction: Physical and Biochemical Adaptation." Metabolism 32(8): 757-768.