Published: 09/16/2015

Weight Loss Leads to Reductions in Inflammatory Biomarkers After a Very Low-carbohydrate and Low-fat Diet in Overweight Men

The primary purpose of this study was to compare a very low-carbohydrate and a low-fat weight loss diet on inflammatory biomarkers in overweight men. Both the low-fat and the very low-carbohydrate diet resulted in significant decreases in absolute concentrations of hsTNF-alpha, hsIL-6, hs-CRP and sICAM-1. There was no significant change in absolute sP-selectin concentrations after either diet. In summary, energy-restricted low-fat and very low-carbohydrate diets both significantly decreased several biomarkers of inflammation. These data suggest that in the short-term weight loss is primarily the driving force underlying the reductions in most of the inflammatory biomarkers.


Sharman (2002). "A Ketogenic Diet Favorably Affects Serum Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Disease in Normal-weight Men." J Nutr 132(7): 1879-1885.